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Shaping the Biofuture

NC Partnering Ltd is a Circular Bioeconomy advisory company set up to utilize the collective skills and insights of a diverse team. Circular Bioeconomy is a pivotal tool to mitigate climate change. Each partner brings hands-on experience from world-class companies and major industrial projects, and our international network of individuals, companies and institutions provides us with virtually unlimited resources for tackling intricate and demanding projects.
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Our vision calls for a Biofuture that goes beyond traditional solutions. We see danger in over-simplified calls for anything renewable, and prefer an integrated approach to biomass and biotechnology. Wood is certainly renewable, but that is no reason for not processing it to its full potential. There are immense opportunities open to those who want to take today’s bioeconomy to the next stage – the Biofuture, but only if innovation and commercial sense advance hand in hand!

Keeping ideas fresh

Close collaboration with leading organisations and institutions helps us understand how the bioeconomy is evolving, and to sense trends well before they are identified and acted on by investors. Understanding the forest biomass value chain is key to what we do. We stay on top of latest developments through our global network of associates and contacts, and we closely follow emerging advances in bio-processing technology.

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Our service offering

Each project is tailored to the client’s specific needs, and resources allocated accordingly, based on the range of qualifications required to cover all aspects of the assignment. Read more »

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Team track record

Our partners and network members have participated in numerous demanding projects in the bioeconomy sector and related industries.  We can assemble a qualified task force for a multitude of different challenges. Read more »

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