Ten Years of Bioeconomy

Dr. Dr. h.c. Christian Patermann is undoubtedly one of the paramount influencers behind the Bioeconomy as we know it today. He push-started the bio-agenda within the EU over decade ago – and is widely given credit for much of what has developed since. In this article, we are delighted to bring you his latest insights regarding the Bioeconomy’s current state and the imminent challenges it faces.

Ten years after its launch in Brussels, the knowledge based Bioeconomy, bio-based Economy or simply the Bioeconomy has con-quered a certain position among concepts and strat-egies for the future. This is to some extent amazing, but nevertheless far from being complete and for example comparable with the idea of the Sustainable Development: More than 50 states, nations and a dozen regions have their “own“ strategies, national plans, action plans, road maps etc. carrying directly the name of Bioeconomy or being clearly closely linked to pro-moting the use and production of biological resources. Hun-dreds of so-called bio-based products have been brought to the market, or are being developed in the pipeline by the Agro-Food Industry, the chemical industry, the energy, con-struction, wood, pulp and paper, cosmetics, daily care indus-tries, etc. More than a dozen chemical molecules have been converted into bio-based ones, being used as bio-based portal chemicals, from succinic acid to levulinic acid etc.

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NC Partnering newsletter 04/2016

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