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Our service offering

NC Partnering Ltd is a bioeconomy advisory company set up to utilize the collective skills and insights of a diverse team. Each partner brings hands-on experience from world-class companies and major industrial projects, and our international network of individuals, companies and institutions provides us with virtually unlimited resources for tackling intricate and demanding projects.

National and regional bio-strategies

Amongst great pressure and calls for allocation of funds through subsidies, many public sector bodies are struggling to formulate an optimal strategic approach to the Biofuture. NC Partnering will analyse the specific case needs, compare to available solution models, and make informed recommendations.

Industrial bio-strategies

NC Partnering advise national or multinational industry associations on how best to approach the challenges and opportunities that come with a rapidly changing bioeconomy. We bring a global perspective to national and regional issues.

Corporate bio-strategies

Even large companies are often unsure about which elements of the bioeconomy to embrace and which to avoid. NC Partnering can connect a company’s core competences with its logical Biofuture objectives.

Biorefineries – not only about fuel!

We believe that the value chain from wood holds almost unlimited potential, and our track record shows that we can develop successful biorefinery concepts and take them through to the point of valid investment decisions. Whether your starting point is wood resource or end products, NCP can help you make a biorefinery happen.


New bio-products and their associated technological research face many practical obstacles. Our approach is to construct a bio-ecosystem, into which different but still mutually complementary operators fit and benefit from the material as well as immaterial by-products of each other. Too often bio-product development focuses on primary biomass as raw material, with connected high costs an obstacle to viability. The bio-ecosystem creates a raw material synergy base of secondary – even tertiary – biomass elements, which can reduce costs decisively. Such systems are well known in the traditional hi-tech sector, and NC Partnering is successfully pioneering their role in forest based biomass utilisation.

New ventures

NC Partnering engage with new business ideas and projects throughout the bioeconomy. We assist in finding the right product strategies, technical solutions, ways to market – even prospective Partnering with similar objectives to broaden the ownership base and facilitate financing.

Matchmaking and networking

Many novel bio-products are rare and little known. So are the processes and latest developments. NC Partnering can bring together those whose Biofuture interests are mutually complementary.

Green, but unprofitable!

Many bio-solutions fail because they are seen as unprofitable on their own. Once subsidies are no longer available, the business suffers. NC Partnering can often (though not in every case) find a way to enhance the business model and improve the financials.

Want to be green – don’t know how?

Bio-solutions can be hard to find because they are often very new – or in the process of being invented. NC Partnering will advise on emerging as well as existing technology, and make unbiased recommendations based on our client’s needs.

Biomass – biomess?

Many bio-industrial operations find that they generate a lot of by-product that contributes very little to the bottom line The NC Partnering approach can suggest ways to turn under-valued, wasted, or even unwanted, biomass into useful product.


BioFutureFactory is a comprehensive approach to total profitability around biomass processing mills and plants.

The starting point is that bio-based production must meet the same financial performance criteria as other industries. Being bio-based in not enough.

In the BioFutureFactory, an ecosystem of carefully selected operators – be they independent companies, specialized divisions of multi-branch groups or scientific institutions – clustering around a major biorefinery while benefitting from economies of scale, competitively priced raw material from the host operator’s side streams, joint infrastructure, site synergies and the networking effects amongst each other.

Out-of-the-box thinking

Our vision calls for a Biofuture that goes beyond traditional solutions. We see danger in over-simplified calls for anything renewable, and prefer an integrated approach to biomass and biotechnology. Wood is certainly renewable, but that is no reason for not processing it to its full potential. There are immense opportunities open to those who want to take today’s bioeconomy to the next stage – the Biofuture, but only if innovation and commercial sense advance hand in hand!

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