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Team track record

Our team have engaged in several bioeconomy projects and initiatives.

  • Textile filament investment survey 
  • Award-winning biorefinery concept developed for Kemijärvi
  • Concept design for Kainuu bioproduct mill
  • Biorefinery survey for Puhos
  • Matchmaking process between North-American and Asian companies
  • Biocomposite survey for residuals in forest industry
  • Regional biostrategy formulation
  • Residual sector survey for mechanical forest industry
  • Conceptual review of biomass terminal 
  • EU Horizon SME-fund applications for bio-SME
  • Matchmaking between UK based bio-company and Asian forest companies
  • Solution seeking for insolvent textile filament company
  • Global biochemical and biomaterial survey
  • Techno-economical study of biochar production

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